The easiest way to swap your social home

6 steps to swap your social home

Swapping your social home is easy, with just six simple steps from sign up to swap!

1. Join

Create a profile for your current home, so we know who might be interested

The home you have

We'll need to know about your current home so other swappers know what they're getting

The home you want

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll suggest homes for you

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2. Browse

Check out the thousands of homes from across the UK to find your perfect match

200,000 homes

Pick from homes on the tip of Scotland to the Isle of Wight, from Nothern Ireland to the North East, more choice means better swaps!

Suggested matches

Don't know where to start looking? We'll suggest homes to you that are your perfect match

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3. Chat

Talk to other swappers before you commit, using our in-built instant messenger

Ask away

Chat with other swappers in real time to work out details, request photos and ask questions

Group messaging

Set up chat rooms with multiple swappers to arrange a MultiSwap together with up to 4 other people

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4. View

Arrange to have a look around each other's homes

Arrange a date

You won't get any surprise visitors, swappers can only visit your home on the days you arrange

No surprises

Get a feel of the home and the area to be sure it's everything you want before you swap

Two cartoon people peering out from behind some terraced houses

5. Agree

Once both swappers have agreed, it's just a quick message to your landlord

Between swappers

If everyone is happy you can go ahead with the swap

With your landlord

You then need to message your landlord to get the final go ahead

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6. Swap

Move into your new home!

Let us know

Tell us you've swapped with the click of a button

Move in

Pack your stuff, and move into your new home

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Register today

Swap with thousands of homes from across the UK and find your perfect match