The UK's biggest mutual exchange service

Since 2007, HomeSwapper has helped more than 260,000 social housing tenants into new homes and saved landlords an estimated £200m on potential voids.

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Supporting landlords

HomeSwapper's landlord dashboard gives you the tools you need to support tenants on HomeSwapper, including case management, user access control and detailed reporting. You can use our innovative analytics tool to filter your tenants and build bespoke reports.

Empowering tenants

HomeSwapper empowers your tenants to change their homes and their lives. It's a self-service tool, intuitive and simple to use. HomeSwapper is available across all platforms: mobile, tablet and PC, with apps for iOS and Android users.

Why choose HomeSwapper?

Every day, thousands of people log on to HomeSwapper because they want to move. We give you and your tenants the tools to take responsibility and change their circumstances.


More members, more choice, more swaps

We have half a million members from all areas of the UK - more than any other mutual exchange site. This gives your tenants the best possible chance of finding the right home for them. With intuitive search tools, instant messaging, and our unique MultiSwap tool.

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User driven

Users are at the centre of everything we do

HomeSwapper's development is driven by our users. We hold landlord focus groups around the country, and welcome feedback from all users.

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Fast, experienced helpdesk

The HomeSwapper helpdesk team answer every enquiry with an average response time of 24 hours. Our clock doesn't stop for evenings and weekends, so most tenants will get a response much more quickly. We responded to over 100,000 customer queries in 2017

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Over a decade of HomeSwapper

Our landlord tools are based on 11 years of working closely with our sector partners. Our unique RightSize tool helps you make best use of your stock while helping tenants avoid the “bedroom tax”.

HomeSwapper also serves as another property marketing channel for your hard-to-lets, giving you access to half a million potential tenants.

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Built to help anyone swap

The website is fully accessible, with easy-read user guides and a range of search tools designed to support members with disabilities.

We know some HomeSwapper users browse in a language other than English, so we've integrated the Google Translate feature to help them.

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Fully accredited, completely secure

HomeSwapper is built on secure, future-proof technology, hosted in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. We are ISO27001 (2017) accredited too, offering additional reassurance. Your data, and your tenants' data, is safe with us.

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Helping swappers help each other

We are passionate about engaging with the tenant community. We provide help with all aspects of swapping: including top tips about safety, the challenges of finding disability adapted properties, and motivating swap success stories.

We have an active peer support community who use their skills to help other members find their perfect home.

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The UK's biggest mutual exchange service, with over half a million members

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